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I vividly remember the first Pilates class I ever took some eight years ago. It was a rigorous mat class, in which the instructor incorporated moves adapted from a Pilates reformer by using sliding mats. When we finished, I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor. Flabbergasted at how demanding it was, this weakling newbie in a class of regulars went home exhausted and depleted. And yet I couldn’t stop thinking about how great I felt, how connected and fluid my body appeared to be. I COULD NOT WAIT to go back for more! So I did. Again and again and again. I was completely hooked.

These days, I do Pilates on the reformer three times a week, almost without fail. Everything in my life is scheduled around those classes. Bad days, busy days, tired days, low energy, not-feeling-so-well days—it doesn’t matter. In my mind, I can’t afford NOT to go. So I go. And guess what? I always, always feel better when it’s over. That’s why I do Pilates. I can’t wait for how I’ll feel after I’m done: connected, fluid, strong, resourceful, powerful and centered.

Pilates is precise and efficient. It’s slow and controlled. There’s no dogma. It forces me to be totally focused and to breathe and dig deep into the depths of my untapped strength. I love that.

My mission is to share my Pilates passion with other Pilates people through thoughtful, heart-felt design. I want us to wear our passion not just into the studio but also out into the world with pride.

With Peace and Passion,