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Wear your passion into the world, not just into the studio!

*We believe in wearing our Pilates passion out into the world, with jeans and shorts and boots and sandals.

*We believe in soft, comfortable fabrics against our skin.

*We believe in thoughtful typography and design.

*We deeply value quality and integrity when creating and buying products.

*We believe that all good things grow from inner peace, and that it's worth the effort every day to cultivate it through quiet contemplation.

*We believe that finding and living with passion is why we are here on this earth, and that discovering that passion is often a journey of "wrong turns" designed to  re-route us to a better path.

*We believe in the principles of Pilates to build self-confidence, personal power, clarity of vision and more joyful living.

*We believe in Peace. We believe in Passion. We believe in Pilates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to delight you, our customer, with high-quality, stylish and well-designed Pilates-themed apparel, accessories and gifts that allow you to wear your Pilates passion either into the studio or out in the world. We put great thought and care into everything we plan, make and ship because we love our customers with a passion!