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We couldn't find quality Pilates clothes to wear just for fun, so we decided to make our own. Our Pilates brand is for Pilates people who want to wear their passion with understated style. These are pieces that can be worn easily with jeans and boots or sandals while proudly and tastefully showing your love for Pilates. Our tops combine great design with high-quality, soft fabrics chosen with extra care and consideration after sifting through, and trying on, dozens of samples. The result is a winning combination--and something something different from the norm. We are continuing to add new, innovative and graphic designs, so stay tuned. And yes, we ship internationally!

Our Mission

Our mission is to delight you, our customer, with high-quality, stylish and well-designed Pilates-themed apparel, accessories and gifts that allow you to wear your Pilates passion either into the studio or out in the world. We put great thought and care into everything we plan, make and ship because we love our customers with a passion!